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The Rockea project: the only vine that produces water.

. 03/10/2011

Nobody could ever imagine that a small vine by the name of Rockea, situated in a vineyard in the heart of the Chianti Classico zone, could produce not only wine but also water. Well, that's what will happen over the coming months thanks to a project that Rocca delle Macìe – together with Wine Surf editor Carlo Macchi – has recently undertaken. By now, we all know Rockea, the vine that, for two years, has been the star of a series of video clips, conceived by Carlo Macchi and published on the winesurftube channel, which demonstrate the phenological phases of the vine in our vineyard throughout the seasons. This year, Sig. Macchi didn't stop at the harvest – given the success of the clips, he decided also to feature the various phases of the winemaking process. This gave rise to the idea to use the Rockea grapes and all those in the same row for a humanitarian cause. And this is where water comes into play: what Rocca and Wine Surf intend to do with the proceeds from the sale of the wine made using Rockea and the other grapes from the same row is to fund the construction of a pumping system that will take water to an orphanage in a particularly remote part of Malawi. The 300 bottles of wine will be sold at the price of 40,00 euros to those who submit an e-mail request to [email protected] or to [email protected] The latest video where you can see the devatting of this miraculous wine, has been posted today on winesurftube and is already online on our channel.

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