Rocca delle Macie

Chianti Classico Famiglia Zingarelli

this wine was born along with the winery, and has grown with it over the years, becoming the ambassador that represents it around the world. As such, it deserves more space than can be allocated to it in this brief description.

The history of Rocca delle Macìe is, in actual fact, doubly intertwined with this Chianti Classico, which has evolved over the years both through the changes imposed upon it by updates to the regulations and through the enhancements made in the vineyards thanks to replanting operations, soil analysis and the clonal selection of Sangiovese.

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Today, we have arrived at a lively, ruby-red wine that expresses character, freshness and terroir, and is laden with aromas of cherry and violet.

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Prizes and Awards

Guida Punteggio
Gardini   93+/100
IWSC   91/100
James Suckling   92/100
Ernesto Gentili   90/100
Mundus Vini   Gold/ Best of Show
Falstaff   91/100
Guida Punteggio
Wine Spectator 88/100
Mundus Vini Gold Medal
Guida Punteggio
Wine Spectator 88/100 91/100
Antonio Galloni – Vinous 88/100
Guida Punteggio
Gambero Rosso Vini d’Italia 3 Bicchieri
Wine Spectator 91/100 92/100
Daniele Cernilli – Guida Essenziale 91/100
Falstaff 91/100
Antonio Galloni – Vinous 90/100
Guida Punteggio
Wine Spectator 88/100 93/100
Antonio Galloni – Vinous 89/100
Mundus Vini
Annuario dei Migliori Vini Luca Maroni 90/100
Guida Punteggio 91/100
Mundus Vini Silver Medal
Wine Spectator 87/100
Wine Enthusiast 87/100
Guida Punteggio
Wine Enthusiast 90/100 90/100
The Wine Advocate – Robert Parker 88/100
Wine Spectator 88/100
Gilbert&Gaillard International Competition 87/100
Gambero Rosso Vini d’Italia 2016 FINALISTA
L'Espresso Vini d'Italia 2016 3 bottiglie 16/20
I vini di Veronelli 2016 87/100
Guida Punteggio Nazione
Weinwelt 86/100 Germania
L'espresso Vini d'Italia 2015 4 bottiglie Italia 90/100 Usa
Decanter World Wine Award Medaglia Bronzo Inghilterra
Wine Spectator 88/100 Usa
Guida Punteggio Nazione
The Wine Advocate (2013) 86/100 Usa
Wine Spectator (web only 2013) 87/100 Usa
Gambero Rosso Vini d Italia 2014 2 bicchieri Italia 90/100 Usa
Wine Enthusiast (ottobre 2013) 89/100 Usa
Guida Punteggio Nazione
Wine Spectator (31 ottobre 2012) 88/100 USA
James 87/100 USA
Wine Enthusiast (ottobre 2012) 88/100 USA
The Wine Advocate- Robert Parker (giugno 2012) 89/100 USA
Guida Punteggio Nazione
Wine Spectator (31 ottobre 2011) 88/100 USA
Guida Punteggio Nazione
I Vini di Veronelli 2011 88/100 Italia
Duemilavini 2011 Associazione Italiana Sommelier Tre Grappoli Italia
Wine Enthusiast (Aprile 2011) 87/100 Usa
Guida Punteggio Nazione
Wine Enthusiast (Aprile 2011) 87/100 Usa
DuemilaVini 2010 AIS 3 grappoli Italia
The Wine Advocate Robert Parker 88/100 Usa
Guida al vino quotidiano Slow Food 2 stelle Italia
Vini di Veronelli 2010 87/100 Italia

grape varieties

Sangiovese 95%
Merlot 5%

available formats

375 ml
750 ml
5000 ml

musical suggestion

The Way Young Lovers Do di Van Morrison