Rocca delle Macie

Ser Gioveto

ser Gioveto was conceived in 1985 by Italo as a tribute to his son Sergio, who began working alongside him at the helm of the winery in that year. That said, the given name of this wine is also a reference to the archaic name of Sangiovese – ‘Sangioveto’ – which was the main grape chosen to make the new wine. 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Merlot are blended with the noble native vine to create a wine of great structure and character, produced from a selection of the winery’s finest grapes. Aging in French oak barriques for 9-14 months enriches the wine’s aromatic complexity with an enhanced sense of balance and elegance. Bright ruby-red in color, Ser Gioveto releases a warm, attractive aroma of black cherry, plum and blackcurrant syrup, followed by balsamic notes with a spicy finish of leather and sweet tobacco, and can hold its own with full-flavored dishes thanks to its assertive tannic note.

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Prizes and Awards

Wine Spectator90/100
Annuario dei Migliori Vini Luca Maroni91/100
I vini di Veronelli 201791/100
Wine Spectator89/100
I vini di Veronelli 201690/100
Wine Spectator90/100
Wine Enthusiast89/100
Vitae – La guida vini 2015 AIS3 viti/vines
I Vini di Veronelli 201589/100
Gambero Rosso Vini d’Italia 20152 bicchieri
Wine Spectator89/100
Mondus Vini International Wine AwardGold Medal
Gambero Rosso Vini d’Italia 20142 bicchieri
The Wine Advocate90/100
I Vini di Veronelli 201491/100
I Vini di Veronelli 201391/100Italia
Wine Enthusiast (ottobre 2012)92/100Usa
Wine Spectator (web only 2012)89/100Usa (dicembre 2012)90/100Usa
Mundus vini 2012Silver MedalGermania
Wine Spectator (15 ottobre 2011)91/100Usa
Duemilavini 2011 Associazione Italiana Sommelier4 GrappoliItalia
I Vini di Veronelli 201190/100Italia
Wine Spectator (web only 2010)86/100Usa
Wine Enthusiast (Aprile 2011)90 /100Usa
Decanter World Wine AwardsMedaglia di BronzoInghilterra
Wine Spectator90/100Usa
DuemilaVini 2010 Associazione Italiana Sommelier4 grappoliItalia
I Vini di Veronelli 201091/100Italia
Wine Enthusiast (Aprile 2011)91/100Usa
Wine Spectator 15/10/200891/100Usa
Decanter World Wine Awards (October 2008)commendedUK
Veronelli editore89/100Italia
AIS4 grappoliItalia
Wine Spectator 31/10/200788/100Usa
Luca Maroni87/100Italia
Gambero Rosso e Slow Food Editore Italian Wines 2007due bicchieriItalia
Luca Maroni Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 200790/100Italia
Wine Enthusiast (01/04/2008)90/100Usa
Wine Spectator90/100Usa
Wine Sccess (dic. 2007 – jan.2008)92/100Canada
AIS Duemilavini 20074 grappoliItalia
Luca Maroni Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 200490/100Italia
Wine Spectator (01/10/2004)88/100Usa
AIS Duemilavini 20044 grappoliItalia
Wine & Spirtits92/100Usa
I vini di Veronelli 200588/100Italia
Wine Spectator (01/10/2003)91/100Usa
Luca Maroni Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 200490/100Italia
AIS Duemilavini 2004quattro grappoliItalia
Wine Enthusiast91/100Usa
Wine Spectator (01/10/2002)92/100Usa
Luca Maroni Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 200389/100Italia
AIS Duemilavini 2003quattro grappoliItalia
Luca Maroni Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 200288/100Italia
Wine Spectator (01/10/2001)88/100
AIS Duemilavini 2002quattro grappoliItalia

grape varieties

Sangiovese 80%
Cabernet Sauvignon e Merlot 20%

available formats

750 ml
1500 ml

musical suggestion

Boa Sorte di Vanessa de Mata & Ben Harper

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