Rocca delle Macie

“Passo dopo Passo”: a new fine food experience set in the beautiful Chianti landscape

The Relais Riserva di Fizzano in Castellina in Chianti, a medieval hamlet surrounded by magnificent vineyards and olive groves, presents a new gourmet experience: “The name of our Osteria, Passo dopo Passo, (or ‘Step By Step’) which opens on 10th June”  explains Sergio Zingarelli, owner of the Rocca delle Macìe estate “sums up the philosophy and values on which the history of our business is founded, and which have led us to this new project. We will offer dishes based on the authentic flavours of this area, enhanced by the experience of a great chef, and enriched with the fruits of our own vegetable gardens, season by season. We searched at length for a chef who would share our concept of hospitality, which is based on sensory experiences closely linked to a warm family feeling. And we found him just a few steps from our home”.

And step by step also describes the long and fascinating professional path that brought chef Maurizio Bardotti to Rocca delle Macìe, to share this new project. Born in 1978, he has passed every stage, with awareness and humility, on the route to becoming a serious and passionate professional. A lover of cuisine that expresses prized ingredients and Tuscan traditions, mixed together by expert hands and scrupulous care to enhance all of nature’s aromas. Those flavours that he will find in the family vegetable plot, enlarged and rendered more accessible for everyone to enjoy the gourmet experience – just like the philosophy that has characterised Rocca delle Macìe from its earliest origins.

“We’re going to do a wonderful job,” says Maurizio Bardotti, “thanks to my feeling of harmony with the place, the atmosphere we experience daily with a young, motivated team, and the enthusiasm of the Zingarelli family. My cooking is based on regional flavours, and Tuscan cuisine has made me the chef I am today. I plan to offer dishes that originate from these roots, refined with new flavours – because just like wine, the products of each area preserve their own identity and add it to the dish, creating unique and inimitable sensations. I’m making a very proud new start from a Tuscan kitchen with the aim of reaching, step by step, that extremely exciting place beyond”.

Identity and consistency are at the basis of this new experience for Rocca delle Macìe which, step by step, continues to climb the staircase to absolute quality, first in its wines, and today, thanks to the Osteria cuisine, in the hospitality which has always been the keystone of the family’s philosophy.

Passo dopo Passo Osteria
Relais Riserva di Fizzano
Località Fizzano, 53011 Castellina in Chianti SI
Ph. 0577 737223

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