Rocca delle Macie

Rocca of the Macìe celebrates it’s first 50 years, with a new “manifesto” marking the generational transition and the publication of an editorial tribute to it’s Italo founder, edited by Giunti Editore

Castellina in Chianti (SI), June 21, 2023 – The Zingarelli Family, at the helm of one of the wineries that have marked the evolution of Chianti Classico, celebrates half a century of life with important steps marking generational continuity between Present and Future: a new identity, new oenological and hospitality projects and a tribute to founder Italo Zingarelli, whose “dream” has fully come true as imagined back in 1973.

A journey of five decades that has gone through all the profound transformations of Chianti Classico and Sangiovese becoming a symbol of the high-quality identity of an entire territory.

This is how a new Brand Identity – was born, as a result of a painstaking team effort – curated by Officina Grafica – where the Zingarelli Family, has been perceived as a laboratory of ideas and as a system of values, becoming the “Brand” itself and an all-round expression of the soul of Rocca delle Macìe. “Famiglia Zingarelli” thus goes on to identify the prestigious crus produced on the individual estates that make up the winery, in the heart of Chianti Classico region.

In parallel, next Friday, June 23, the monograph published by Giunti entitled ” Clay, Stone, Air, Roots ” will be presented, it traces the “saga” – almost a screenplay itself – of more than half a century of family and business history, including anecdotes, images, witnesses collected with great care and attention, over almost a year, from the pen of a young and passionate journalist and writer, Alessio Noe’.

An editorial tribute to his father – and grandfather – Italo Zingarelli, who, as in a long cinematic flashback – in an age increasingly fast-paced and linked to the impermanence of the digital – “fixes” a long track and reminds us that the times of the Earth and Nature, as well as the success building, can be slow and requires mutual respect.

“When our father, Italo, discovered this corner of Chianti Classico 50 years ago, it was true “love at first sight,” Sergio Zingarelli continues. “We really owe so much to him, thanks to the success he achieved in film productions he was able to acquire in 1973 the first 70 hectares and the Borgo – renamed since then “Rocca delle Macìe”- and to start the first productions of Chianti Classico.

“We were very excited to reconstruct the long tale that sets the stage for the story of our family, which took place in Rome first and then Tuscany, but ending up to embrace so much more,” says Sergio Zingarelli, President of Rocca delle Macie. “Cinema and the creation – thanks to my father – of the unprecedented Spaghetti Western genre, moods of a country coming out of the war, passion for Wine, travels all over the world, that strength and energy derived from sincere relationships. And we imagined how it could all unfold around an imaginary table, a place of friendship and sharing.”

“If a publisher’s job is to give voice to worthy stories, the one about the Zingarelli family is particularly appealing”-said Marco Bolasco, Illustrated Books Director of Giunti Editore-“A long tale – taking place in Rome and Tuscany, ending up to embrace much more through Wine and Earth. Four elements and many emotions are the fil rouge of a passionate tale intertwining cinema- the great cinema and the vineyard, with an inclusive strength that has few equals. This is also why, at Giunti, the story of Rocca delle Macìe fascinated us from the beginning, since we are Tuscan publishers with a strong calling for a general audience. The result is a beautiful book, with a strong visual impact but to be read from the first to the last page.”

This celebration also marks the beginning of the transition between Present and Future and the active presence of a new generation at Rocca delle Macie. “Today, I am particularly proud and excited that there is a new and bright generation-with my son Andrea, in charge of Country and Cellar, my daughter Giulia more and more dedicated to the Hospitality area, and my nephew Fabio, valuable support in Management and Administration, and also in commitment to the Far East markets, developing our family wine project with a modern approach.”

So, a year to “keep in mind” if you want to discover the true Chianti essence of the Zingarelli Family, in the heart of the most beautiful Chianti Classico region.