Rocca delle Macie

Viticulture and sustainable development, Rocca delle Macìe is certified by VIVA

From August 4, 2021, Rocca delle Macìe has obtained VIVA International Sustainability Certification for the four indicators: AIR, WATER, VINEYARD and TERRITORY.

The VIVA program is the only national public standard for the measurement and improvement of sustainability performance in the winemaking sector, which has always focused on the importance of measuring sustainability in order to give substance and strength to statements and claims made in this context.

Rocca delle Macìe has been implementing a “Global Quality” program for many years now. In fact, the decision was made back in the 1990s to embark on a new “winegrowing era”, with the primary objective of obtaining grapes of the highest possible quality and, consequently, successfully initiating an ongoing winemaking process aiming for excellence in the grapes first, and then in the wines. And this is what has happened: we now have vineyards renovated at the end of the 1990s, with a new vision of winegrowing, that yield very satisfactory results and contribute, year after year, to raising the profile of Rocca delle Macìe in Italy and around the world.

In terms of production philosophy, the focus has shifted from quality winegrowing that looked at the vineyards as a whole, as a means of producing wine, to looking at individual plots (uniform portions that make up the vineyard) in order to produce wines that convey a more defined and distinctive territorial character.

Identity-making wines with a careful eye on environmental sustainability, in full awareness that the territory that is our home is an immense asset to be protected and preserved. And this is the second fundamental step, taken in 2000: abandoning many environmentally invasive techniques and adopting a rigorous and meticulous internal sustainability protocol.

These practices aim to reduce and rationalise the consumption of non-renewable resources such as water, air and soil, avoiding unnecessary waste of natural resources and limiting as greatly as possible the impact of human activities on the balance of the ecosystem itself. In the vineyard, we constantly seek a combination of traditional and cutting-edge techniques, for the monitoring, control and maintenance of the vineyards.

The use of phytosanitary monitoring and warning systems through the installation of weather stations; mapping of vineyard health using infrared methods; monitoring of harmful insects and the introduction of antagonistic insects; sexual confusion using pheromones; beekeeping at the edges of the vineyards; the use of organic fertilizers and green manure; the recovery of rainwater and wastewater – these are just a few examples of the meticulous work carried out by the Rocca delle Macìe team over the years.

As of this year – and this is the third step – we have decided to undertake a specific certification process for the wine sector, which aims to improve the sustainability performance of the entire wine production chain through the analysis of four scientifically recognised indicators developed on the basis of international standards and regulations: Air (climate footprint), Water (water footprint), Vineyard (impact of agronomic management practices) and Territory (socio-economic-cultural impact), and today we have obtained certification of our “sustainable commitment”.

With this project, we want to shed light on (and make more accessible) all the investments and activities, both technical and socio-cultural, implemented in over two decades, even in difficult times from an economic and financial point of view.

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