Wine as a work of art and art as a means for encapsulating what wine is all about: this is the common thread that has guided the Zingarelli family for many years in its organization of international prizes that, on the one hand, are geared towards promoting contemporary art and helping young artists to make a name for themselves, and on the other, provide a way for the family to express their passion for the art of making wine using non-traditional approaches. Indeed, for a full 17 years (from 1991 to 2007), the winery was the prime mover behind the Rocca delle Macìe Opera Singers’ Prize, which became a fixture in the calendar of international opera contests.
In 2010, the winery oversaw the first Zingarelli-Rocca delle Macìe Painting Prize, focusing its energies on what was a great passion of the founder: Italo was, in actual fact, enthusiastic about the arts in general, but was especially enamored of painting. Out of this passion came the intention of Sergio and his family to establish a painting prize, today “Art Prize”, and to continue writing the never-ending story that binds art to wine and to the life of man.

Zingarelli-Rocca delle Macìe
Painting Prize