The development of Rocca delle Macìe as a commercial venture has been characterized from the outset by, on the one hand, a relationship of reciprocal respect with the terroir, and, on the other, by a consistent commitment towards improving product quality through innovation in the cellars.
The successes that Rocca delle Macìe has achieved as a winery are based, first and foremost, on the painstaking approach we take in the vineyards. This quality-oriented approach dictates low yields per hectare, green harvest and leaf removal being performed during the summer months and a manual harvest directed by expert winegrowers. Our team of winemakers and cellar persons follow up the hard work done in the vineyards by adopting an equally meticulous attitude in the cellars, which have been expanded and modernized over the years and now feature state-of-the-art fermentation equipment to ensure precise control of the must, as well as modern maturation vessels to ensure optimum ageing.


La Cantina “Vecchia”

The first cellar used by Italo, which was housed within the old stables on the first floor of the Macìe complex, is today a barrel store that plays host to 35 barrels of Slavonian and French oak, used in the main for our Chianti Classico Riserva.


La Bottaia

The heart or “headquarters” of Rocca delle Macìe–a cellar created in the late 1970s–is today used to receive the grapes, carry out the vinification process, store the wines and age them in oak. In total, there are 70 barrels and around 400 barriques, where almost all of the company’s wines–from the vintage Chianti Classicos and the Riservas, all the way to the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione wines–undergo prolonged maturation.


La Barriccaia

A converted hayloft in the Borgo delle Macìe, previously used as a place in which to dry out the grapes to make Vinsanto, now plays host to more than 100 barriques for the refining of some of the winery’s most prestigious wines.


Le Tavolelle

In 2002, the company began work on a new cellar, to house the wines in barriques during the aging process. A subsequent operation to streamline the facilities with a view to optimizing the production chain for the in-bottle aging process of selected red wines saw the space converted into a cellar, which is now used for the long-term aging of the company’s top-of-the-range wines.



This cellar is used solely for the vinification and storage of the wines produced on the estates in the Maremma area. Once the wines are ready for bottling, they are sent to the Macìe facility to undergo the final tasting operations and the pre-bottling process.